Colin and Angela in Atlanta!

Last weekend I took my British besties to ATL for a speedy education in culture and my kin folk.
Boy did we twirl. And eat...And drink...

We landed last Thursday and instantly hit the Varsity- the greasy V!
That night mother made a home made Southern dinner
Dad brought out the moonshine. We sat on the dock in the dark and sipped and giggled. Heaven.

Friday was Cracker Barrel then a MOMENTOUS OCCASION- A visit to the Bass Pro Shop! We bought flannels for $10 (bite me Ralph Lauren!), practiced on the shooting range and gazed at the massive fresh water aquarium. Then we took a quick trip to Jacqueland and later a breezy boat ride. I dont think I have ever seen Colin's eyes grow so wide than when he saw dads boat. A floating living room! We polished off a bottle of red on that trip.

Friday night we went to the club for dinner and, inspired by all the boozy club members, decided to carry the party home where mother, Angela, Colin and I all imbibed Stingers until 130am. Zing!

Saturday was a day in town doing the Grandparent circuit seeing Yaiyai for Greek food and Pop & Dot for cocktails then Laura and her girls for dinner.

We ended the night at a loft party with a very festive Genene, Rosalind and Anthony.

Sunday we spent the day with mom and my Aunt Cator in Athens starting off with a big brunch and then a surprise bottle of champagne.
It was a year ago that day I flew from Russia to Bristol to celebrate their wedding.

After a tour of the campus and town we headed downtown and dropped them off at the apartment they had rented for the night to celebrate and then I headed to the airport.

Sadly we never made it to Chic-Fil-A.
Oh the sadness! They must return!!!!

Dollhouse Dedication!

Last Thursday I took a quick trip down to Atlanta for the dedication of the cottage at Jacqueland. I posted pictures a while back from the ground breaking which everyone went to but me, and boy did I get a guilt trip for not being there! So even though my birthday party was the next day, I scooted down south for the night and I am so glad I did.

The rain held off and everyone from the Frazer Center and AHHH were at the dedication. Pop and Dot made it down and so did Angela. Bernie Marcus, founder of Home depot gave a great speech and had most of the crowd in tears when he dedicated $64,000 to the new cottage for operations expenses. We all got a kick out of the 'sawing of the board' the Home Depot was of doing a 'cutting of the ribbon.' Also on hand for the dedication were three pastors and a rabbi (that is not the opening to a joke) who each blessed the cottage with their own prayer and speech.

The board was painted by children at the Bernie Marcus Autism Center and the cottage will be used by the center for families who need a place to stay as well as for AHHH visitors.

The interiors of the cottage were amazing. The tile bathrooms, quilted bedspreads and plush laundry room plus the beautiful gardens are a great addition to the property and so much nicer than the ones in the old 'dollhouse.'

After finger sandwiches and catching up with old friends it was time to head to the airport, back to NYC for a final cleaning session before Saturdays party!