Angela & Colin's Wedding in Bristol

After my amazing trip to Russia I flew over to England for my dear friends wedding in Bristol. You remember Colin and Angela from my recent post of their trip to NYC.

Thank goodness I didn't overdue the vodka in Russia because my liver needed to be ready for the battle of it's little life for the next four days. I landed on Thursday night and met the stressed out couple at a pub with friends of Angela's I haven't seen in ten years. That night we only made it till 1am drinking at the pub and at home.

Friday I had the pleasure of sleeping until 3pm! After whirlwind touring in Russia my body was spent. I woke up and took a brief stroll around Bristol, which is a city I really could call home with its elegant old buildings yet cosy atmosphere (like a twee London!) and headed to meet up with Vic and Sarah at their hotel. They had all the kids with them and we wheeled them to the piers for dinner at a swank little restaurant with the rest of the gang. There ended up being about 20 of us and it was the first place in Europe that knew how to make a good martini! Therefore I had many. I FINALLY met Lucy, a dear friend of Vic and Angela's who I have heard about for 10 years. There is a reason they didn't want us to meet- we were drinking bosom buddies extraordinaire... Up till 3am at some gay bar called the Queen's Shilling dancing the night away.

Saturday was the big event and with a great hangover most of us kept quite calm and very teary as the bride entered the room. It wasn't until after dinner that we all had fully recovered and were ready for another bender.

Angela changed, Colin was flung in the air by his mates, everyone tried on the veil and we ran the bar dry.

Needless to say Sunday we were all worse for wear but happy to meet Angela's mom and dad for Dim Sum. Mr. Lam said it perfectly- You had a good time last night Cator! Lots and lots of bouncing!

Indeed. I was Tigger for the night. But we all were in some way shape or form bouncing off the walls with happiness for the new couple.