Little Ladies hit the Big City

Last weekend mama brought two of my nieces up to visit me and get the grand tour of Manhattan.
Grand it was!
Danielle had been up here before when I lived with Rick in NoLita. That was in 2002.
This time she was a little older and able to appreciate everything more and had the energy to keep up with her old uncle!
Last time she was up here she said she never knew her feet could hurt like they did. Ha.

The troop arrived late Thursday night. Wired with nowhere to go I suggested a tour of Harlem in the pajamas.
I have never seen them so excited. "Our mom's never let us leave the house in our PJ's!" they exclaimed in unison.
"Well you're in Harlem now kids. Thats the style du jour around here!" I replied.

We walked over to Harriet Tubman and toured my block at 1am to their delight. The cops pulled up asking what we were doing. I touted my Block President status and they bid us a great trip.

Friday we spent most of the morning at the Natural History Museum which was great fun. I haven't been there in ages. Then we headed to POP burger for some lunch fuel and as we headed to The Plaza for a peep two rickshaw drivers offered us a tour of Central Park. Why not? We had a blast. The boys knew all the ins and outs of the park including loads of history. Not to mention they were cute and never used the breaks flying down hills. The girls saw Bethesda Fountain, Strawberry Fields and Tavern on the Green. We even saw the hot air balloon installed just for the summer.

That night we got dolled up and took Fay, Olivia and Frankie with us to the Lotos Club. I thought the girls may find it a yawn but it was a real highlight. I guess it isn't everyday one gets to dine in an old Vanderbilt mansion.

Lucy had a party that night so we headed over there for a night cap. The girls loved her friends and amazing house. I was thoroughly in love with the bottle of wine Lucy anchored in front of me. Whoops.

Saturday we took the Big Red bus tour all over the City. OK people, it's not that bad! I had a great time! We stopped off in Soho and ate at Elizabeth , bought up H&M and hit the Puma store where Danielle found some new kicks.

We took the bus back around to Time Square and then hit the road back down to the South Street Seaport for the sunset cruise to see the waterfalls. Another highlight for the girls and Mama.

Wearily we headed to the Maritime for a quiet dinner and we were in bed by 11pm.

Sunday was the traditional brunch at Melbas. Divine as always.

They packed up, whined about going back to their 'boring old lives' and hoped in a taxi for LaGuardia.
If I don't get the title of Uncle Mame for that trip then I surrender.