Eartha Kitt

FINALLY! I finally saw Eartha Kitt at the Plaza.
That has been on my 'to do' list since I moved here in 1999.
While I was in Atlanta in March I read that she was to be at performing at this hallowed den and booked tickets pronto for me and Eric.
We counted down the days until it finally happened. And the night was better than we could imagine.
I recently became a member of the Frick Museum and there was a cocktail party that same night honoring new members.

I met Megan (also a new member) with her beau Shawn and my beau Eric in the winter garden amidst tinkling fountains and strumming guitars. Eric had never been (gasp!) so we took him on a tour, but a quick one so as to abuse the wine bar sufficiently. Hey, we love art and history but we adore booze!

At 7:30 Eric and I skeedaddled over to the Carlyle and slid comfortably into our booth. We ordered martini's and the Bobby Short Special, which was some sort of creamed chicken in a dish of mashed potato's. Bobby! Damn boy! That is right ripe redneck food if you ask me! And for $42 those better be Jersey potato's. But none the less it was quite tasty and coated our stomachs for more booze.

Eartha arrived around 8:30 and hit the ground running. She sang so many of my favorites including Champagne Taste, C'est si Bon, I want to be Evil and Lets do it!

But what really set us on fire was when she started cooing, "At first I was afraid, I was petrified.." And after several more verses I realized she was singing 'I will survive'! Every gay in the room nearly choked on their chicken.

At 9:30 she wrapped it up and we sprang from our seats in excitement.
We couldn't leave without some classic Carlyle pictures so we mimicked JFK and Jackie as best we could.

We love you Earth!