A Full On Fourth at Fay and James'

This 4th was spent at James and Fay's fun summer spot in East Hampton. How odd not to be out there with Rod and Philip at Jamies! But it's always nice to see the Hamptons through others eyes. It was a relatively mellow weekend (well, not for James and Javas!) but the rest of us just chilled, giggled and did a whole heap of eating. Thanks F&J for a fun filled weekend. Fergus is still wiped out!

 Our hosts in repose

 Can you spot Fergus?

 Javas doing his 'Octopus Dance' as Soumanjoy calls it.

 The beach or a Ralph Lauren Polo ad?

 Da Boys being boys. I wish we got a pic of princess unicorn who visited us in his neon green speedo but we were too awe struck to move.

 Yes my child!

 My morning buddy

 SAUCY salad!

 Gazpacho prep

"I SWEAR mine are bigger than this!"

 SadTrombone.com- kept us in stitches all weekend
 Boys behaving badly

 Dawg Walkin'


 Dream Home.

 Dream Boat.

 Someone sketching.

 Fay kept saying, "Bloody hell get a picture of that! James cooking!"


And here we go....

Your child will be so proud when this floats up during his High School years....

Fay is thinking... HOAX... that was the word of the night for Scrabble.

 4th of July Parade in South Hampton!

 Bea in her new tie dyed shirt she made.

 Fergus hears the bagpipes of his homeland!

 Is that Rose Kennedy?

 Look to the far left of the frame...

Perfect weekend.

Rod's Birthday Back in the Hamptons

Its been a couple of years since I have been at Jamie's for Rod's annual birthday blowout. Last year we were all in Jersey for Rod's 40th and the year before I was cruising the coast of Spain with mama. So it was nice to get back to tradition and saddle up to the Jitney last Friday and head out early to beat the traffic (although as most people can notice, traffic has chilled since the financial world has slowed).
This year though I thought we got a little ripped off! July 4th has landed mid week for so long that usually our 'weekends' at Jamie's would be 4-5 day long affairs! This year we were in on Friday and out on Sunday- but hey, I will take what I can get of the paradise that is the Drake Estate.
Guest that weekend included:
PHJ in town from Jersey for Rod
Jamie and his darlin' man Shawn
Handsome Roman, friend of Shawn's
Tom Yurken from Texas, Moi
Jonathan and his new man Lawrence (who I adore!)

After a week in Paris I needed some major downtime so no wilding for me. I was in bed both nights at 11pm and up at 9. Thousands of praises are sent to Mother Nature for the glorious weather all weekend. We all got in much pool time and some lovely strolls through East Hampton. Marika and Yitka outdid themselves on dinner both nights- Steak on Friday and short ribs (for 25 people!) on Saturday. HIGHLIGHT- The massive stars and stripes cake that Marika made for the 4th!

Saturday evening we had an amusing adventure out to a home on the bay where the hosts were having a fundraiser for The Ronald McDonald House. You can see their view, which used to be of the ocean but is now of Christie Brinkley's new home. How rude!

Besides the food and of course the booze, there really isnt much more to report. We all just chilled out. Well, except for Ferris. He had a blast! Exploring the house, climbing his first trees and even taking his first dip! Wow, what chlorine does to the coat. Divine.....
Thanks again Mr. Drake for another splendid weekend in Concordia.

Hamptons Hysterics

Justin and I had a much needed respite from the Big City this weekend at Jamie Drake's delicious home, 'The Drake Estate' as we like to call it.

We took the Hamptons Luxury Liner out there because Justin insisted it is the chicest way to go. Well we get out of the tunnel and the bus breaks down! We end up in a car service with a driver who doesn't know where the Hamptons are. Great.

Friday night we had a quiet dinner with nine guests and a very giddy cocktail hour afterwards.

Saturday was pool, sun, lunch for 19 people and a quick trip to the gay beach where we saw our own version of the Montauk Monster. Dinner that night was for 12 and Justin and I started a dance party afterwards.

Today was calm and cool and most of the house guests left so we had a day on the DL before Jamie graciously drove us home.

Thank you Jamie for an amazing, amusing and relaxing weekend.