Easter 2011

Since 2006 I have been joining Mark & Mary and their growing family for a day of church, egg hunts, food, and if we are lucky-booze.

This year was my first with my own little one. And now I know why parents tend to run late! I was all dressed, groomed and ready to go  when Fergus pooed all over the living room something the size of 12 Cadbury Eggs (where does he store all of that?) which he then pounced in and ran around the living room. Grand.

So Soumanjoy and I were on knees cleaning, spraying, scrubbing, sweating off all my cologne I put of for Jesus. 10 minutes late it was the first time Mark & Mary beat me there.

But the service at First Presbyterian was lovely and it was so nice to have an hour of thought, prayer and giggles with the kids (I brought them chirping chicks that of course they turned on during prayer time).

Afterward we walked in the glorious weather over to Waverly to dine at Jeffrey's Grocery
where Ian and Barge joined us. We ordered brisket sammiches, Bloody Marys with oysters and pain au chocolat while the kids (and Ian) played with their Easter basket toys.

We made it back to the church in time for the Easter egg hunt where all the kids were dressed to the nines (or daintily as Soumanjoy said), baskets ready and eyes on the prize. It was good fun to help all the kids find their eggs (only four per kid allowed) minus the creepy man in neon sunglasses and Looney Tunes waistcoat who didn't seem to have any kids in the hunt.

Beatrice was tuckered out but mommy Mary needed one more libation so we tossed Mark and Bea in a cab while we headed to Gusto Organics for wine, fruit smoothies and snacks where we gossiped, groaned and guffawed about the lives we lead. I had no idea I'm a wood sign or that Alistair had a Steve McQueen cut on his eyebrow from a tumble down an escalator!

By then it was 3pm, the clouds started creeping into the city and we were all dozy from vino. We trained it back up to Harlem where Soumanjoy passed out and I piddled (with the plants, not as in tinkling-ROD) on the garden terrace. Another great Easter with my New York family and the excitement to come home to the newest addition made the day perfect and precious.

Easter 2009

This Easter was one of my favorites! Albeit the best away from my family and Southern roots.
Saturday night I had a quiet dinner with my friend Rocky at the house and woke up ready to roll at 7am.
After days of rain and clouds it was a glorious although COLD spring day.
I took the bus down 5th Avenue to 12th Street and ran into my friend Ryan at church. I forgot he recently became a deacon and he took me to our usual pew.
Alistair and Beatrice looked super cute this morning and as soon as Bea was in my arms she passed out for the entire service. No rising and sitting for me!
The choir was beautiful and the minister gave a banging good sermon.
Alistair was quick to point out that the clergymen and women all had black and white outfits on that matched the stripes on the Easter Skunk he got that morning!
I gave him a chocolate chicken and sang, 'Peep Peep!' and he held up his skunk and sang back, 'Stink Stink!'
We all about died.

At 11am we headed to Gusto Organic for a yummy and boozy brunch and then back to the church at 12:30 for the egg hunt. We got the kids in the front of the line and when the ribbon was cut we went for it! All-Star got about 10 eggs, I found three eggs with Bea and she was happy as a lark. When we realized some kids didn't find any eggs, Alistair was kind enough to share his eggs with others. Awww! Sharing is caring!

Lars, fresh off the plane from Paris, met up with us in the middle of all the pandemonium and enjoyed meeting the tots and experiencing this very American tradition.

We then said our goodbyes, caught at cab to Grand Central and headed up to Croton-on-Hudson for Bodhi's first birthday.
Minya had the party at her mothers beautiful home in the country and of course Molly made every amazing morsel. We had a great time watching Bodhi in full toy/cake spin-out and hanging out with Minya's family, Joy and Tony.

At 4pm Bodhi was ready for a nap and so was I! So Tony and Joy zipped us back to the city and Lars and I had a relaxing night at home.

Next year, I have one request Jesus- Warm Weather!