Ike Ude's Style File is dangerously chic

I have known Ike for years. I met him, SURPRISE, through Patrick McDonald (he who introduced me to everyone in New York).
Ike was a staunch dandy friendster from day one. When I was new to the city he would invite me over to his Lower East Side boudoir to read Baudelaire, ooze some booze and occasionally play dress up in his frock coats and tie pins. My poor boyfriend at the time was not too happy with this situation! I would stumble home at 5am quoting Wilde as I passed out in bed, spats and all.

As I began my life as a freelance writer, Ike was kind enough to ask me to write for his magazine, ARude. I interviewed several people and always enjoyed the magazine launch parties, which ended up as vogueing balls on his office floor.

And now, almost a year ago Ike asked me to be a part of a book he was working on, Style File- The World's Most Elegantly Dressed.

I was truly honored and answered my questionnaire post haste and returned it. In true Ike style he refused it. It wasn't 'me' enough. He suggested spending days and weeks pondering the questions and answering them at length. How Dandiacle!
I did and it was a thrill to really dig deeper into my fashion id.

The tome launches on Tuesday at a party at Diane von Furstenberg's and I am looking forward to a swell evening.

Published by Harper Collins with a foreword by Valerie Steele and Introduction by Harold Koda, the book is a celebration of people who adore dressing, looking well and feasting on life's banquet.

Interviews with the likes of Carolina Herrera, Jacqueline de Ribes and Dita von Teese to Lapo Elkann, Mr. Pearl and Sebastian Horsley are included and fascinating reads (I have an advanced copy!). The book covers a wide range of characters from downtown denizens to Park Avenue socials and European Royals.

I'm not going to give away any more details on the book-
I included the link here to order so click on and dig in.
Congrats Ike!