My 35th Birthday Bollywood Blowout

This post is way overdue but life has been quite busy since I turned 35! I can't dare post all the pictures here but here are some highlights. I decided to have an Indian themed bash about six months before and spent hours in Butala Emporium in Little India buying decorations. incense, garlands and platters. Soumanjoy and I even made the trip to Jackson Heights to buy a sherwani for me and a sari for mom. Little did I know he already had his sister on a hunt for one in India which he gave to me on my actual birthday. 

Molly from Sips and Bites did a stellar job on Indian themed food and Soumanjoy made a killer chicken tikka. My poor bartender had no idea what hit him with 35 people came in at the same time and the crowd swelled to around 75.
We spilled, swilled, twirled and laughed till 2am. One of the earliest party endings I've ever had! Usually people are still coming in at that hour. It was quite a bash. Next year is tee shirts and paper plates!

                                                           Mother in her Maharaja Magic
                                                        Samosas from Sips and Bites
                                Babe and me in our Sherwani's. Rod added the plumes to my turban.
                 Beatrice in her belly dancing outfit I bought her in Dubai. She was Fergus' favorite toy!
                                    Mama Mary in her sari I bought her in India in 2003! Its debut.
         Sandy from Henna Studio spent two hours beautifying everyone in henna. The perfect addition.
                                          Fay's not saying what she is hiding under that sari!
                                     Asha, one of the people the party couldn't happen without.
                                     Can you tell these girls have spent some time in India?
                                             Patrick! He's been planning this outfit for months.
                                       Hanuk never does costume, but he's character enough.
                                                                     I dream of Juanjo!
                                                                Party gets poppin!
                                                              Ms. Blume ala Man Ray
                                                        Soumanjoy and Poppy King!
                                          The Crew and my gift, an Hermes ashtray of a Scotty.
                                                                          Harpers Here!
                                                        Ben! One of Mama's favorites.
                                                             The North Fork Crew.
                                     Anna Banana! Here new store is killing it in the LES
                                                               Here comes trouble...
                                                        Horacio in the Urban Turban
                                                   Chris Olberding does Leopard right!
                                                            Felix and his loose lips
                                                                   Wigs out, games begin.
                                                          BOFFO boy Faris and friend
                                                   Olivia in her favorite spot, Fergus' crate....
Last but not least, David Usbourne goes Colonial. Viceroy? Attaboy.