Happy Birthday Biba

I just had this photo framed in memory of my grandmother, 'Biba', who would have turned 89 on August 21st.

She was my best friend who made me feel completely safe, happy and secure in a world where I had no idea who I was. She got married to my grandfather when she was 18 and he was heading off to war. She got married at her mothers home in a surprise wedding. Everyone thought she was hosting a cocktail party and out she came. 

I took it to my favorite framer in the world, Jack and he said "I'm going to go crazy but just trust me." It came back with a brown suede mat with a dusty pink boarder and a silver frame. It worked. I can hear her now looking at it, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm! How I remember that day like it was just yesterday," in her sweet southern drawl. 

I miss her every day.