Nicky Haslam's Book launch and other sordid events

Last Thursday I had quite the night. After an interesting studio visit at Nicholas Caito’s for Full Frontal, I met PR guru Rachel Shechtman at Bill’s Gay 90’s for martinis and fries before we popped by EBay’s pop up store (cute!).
Then I peeled off to The Pierre for Nicky Haslam’s book launch.
I was excited to attend because:
1) I have heard so much about Nicky in Vanity Fair and from Philip
2) I was uber curious to see the new Caprice

Upon entering the bustling bar area I bump into Fran Leibowitz, knock into Elsa Klench, nearly step on Mica Ertegun’s slipper and nearly spill champagne on Bob Colacello. Wheew! What a crew to see in the first minute and what a small bar area to slither through! What a great group of people. A dying breed really. Just think, not one of them has a reality TV show!

But I made it out to the other end where I find photographer Todd Eberle. Hooray! Todd is one of my favorite people and we always have a blast together (enter foreboding!)
Next up we spy Rebecca Guinness who is tragically leaving our shores next week back to Blighty. I am so glad she is here so we get a bit more one on one time together before she sets sail.

Then there is Nicky. At 70 years old he has gone full leather daddy. Black blazer, black skinny jeans; white studded belt and black riding boots with Cat of Nine Tails whipping about from each side. Daring! He signs my book and sends his love to Philip.

Todd gives Nicky a big smooch and they trade books. Todd has a copy of his new book of photography he just launched that is fab! A funny, jolly older man comes up and starts rattling on to Becca. Who was that? “Barry Humphries, an old family friend!” explains Beccs. Yay Dame Edna!

After having a very Annette de la Renta dinner (i.e. five bites of passed tuna) and quite our fair share of bubbly, Todd and I bid the party farewell. We end up at the National Arts Club for a Terrence Koh reading where he spoke in gibberish for 30 minutes. It was funny at first but I had to go to the bar for another martini after about 5 minutes. But love him for being so whacky! Then we ended up at Maries Crisis Café for a drink, AND THEN we landed at the Boom Boom where I got to spend quality time with Joey, Camilla Staerk and Brian Coates. We rounded out the night with a giggly moment in the elevator with Bridget Berlin who is back out and about on the scene. Thank God. We need more old fun Warhol babes like her to keep it real.

I’m not telling you what time I got home but I will say, Nicky would be very impressed.