American Queen Adventure Day Four

Favorite day so far! 

We met Rod and Dotty in the dining room for breakfast and then puttered up the ramp and to a tour bus to The Peabody Hotel to see the famous ducks march into the fountain at 11am. Now, I am usually game for just about anything and I was a little excited to see this fabled event but I have to admit- Not Worth It!

We fumbled around for 30 minutes and then some goof came out looking like a ring leader and gave us the history of the ducks in the fountain. That was amusing- it all started with two drunks sneaking their live duck decoys into the fountain and leaving them in there overnight to the delight of guests.

But then the music filled the room, the elevators opened and five ducks waddled about 10 feet into the fountain and that was it. I thought they may march around the fountain, room, bar, Christmas tree. NOPE. Is that all there is?

After that little life disappointment we moseyed to Walgreens to buy iPhone chargers (American Queen please stock theses ASAP) and also picked up Elvis Christmas ornaments. Yes, we have already caught the King Fever.

We then tooled back to the boat, grabbed some coffee and caught another bus for the ‘In Elvis’ Footsteps’ tour. Sounds like a Jesus tour in Israel, right? 

First stop was Sun Studios where Presley recorded his first song. He wanted to sing something for his Mama’s birthday so went in and paid $4 to cut a single to give to her. How sweet is that? The secretary noticed his talent and played a copy for the owner. The rest is glittery history. Of course Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Ike Turner all recorded there too, so it’s pretty iconic. 

What I loved is how broke down it is. They haven’t glazed it over with stucco and tile. The front is still a diner and sells crappy milkshakes, Rockabillie’s run the whole place and bands from around the world have left their stickers all over the place. The recording studio amazingly hasn’t been touched since the old days and people still record in there.

                                                          (Elvis stood RIGHT here!)

As great as it was, the tour left us there for two hours. Way too long! Then we had to speed over to Graceland and twirl around there to get to the boat in time for departure. Nerds. Get it together people!

Yet Graceland was total magic. I never thought I would enjoy it like I did. We were so pleased that we caught it in it’s full Christmas glory! Apparently Elvis decorated the place himself and he was a big window shopper. The Jungle Room was inspired from the circular wooden chair in the corner that Elvis found and fell in love with.

The white sofa that stretches an entire room as a highlight as was his tufted pool room and poodle wallpaper in his parents bathroom. The clothing collection in the former racket ball court building was dazzling and awe inspiring! Plus all the memorabilia from around the world was totally tickety boo.

Sadly, we were a bit rushed so I missed seeing his car collection but we did get some shopping time in and it was well worth it! Total crap tat but hey, it’s a must. 

I was really impressed how beautiful Graceland is. The home’s exterior and the rolling hills and huge old trees look like Kentucky. Sadly, the horses were not at pasture but the fall colors were pitch perfect.

Since tomorrow is a ‘day at sea’ Rod and I decided to push the booze button and turn it out! We had Manhattans before dinner, wine with dinner, mango martini’s in the Engine Room and champagne in the room where we hosted two crew members for lots of laughs and falling yoga poses. Weeeee! 

                                                  (My first panorama pic on the trip!)