Belated Birthday at The Parker

Thursday night Price gave me my 33rd birthday present- dinner at The Parker! When she asked what I wanted this year I suggested skipping material items and doing dinner tête-à-tête while I was in Palm Springs.
I hadn't been to Jonathan Adler's The Parker Hotel yet so we booked a table for two and told them we were celebrating my birthday!
Neda and I had spent the afternoon touring modern architecture (stay tuned for a blog post on that on a new website launching soon). Then we drove to The Parker and had an awesome mojito and toured the grounds. What a great spot. All the bungalows, groovy groves and hummingbirds abounding was super swell. Price met us at 7:30 and Neda headed out to the house for down time. The dining room was almost pitch black with black lacquered walls. I really enjoyed the decor but you would think desert dining would have some views since the mountains are astounding. Regardless the decor was great with lots of great vintage nudey paintings, some scary skull prints and giant vases of jellybeans! The peppershaker really got us going. It was extra large and reminded me of the story I read in Barbara Hutton’s bio about Porfirio Rubirosa.
From Wikipedia:
He was also famous for the rumored length of his sexual organ--Truman Capote, in Answered Prayers, described it as eleven inches long—and to this day the extra-long pepper mills in French bistros are called "Rubirosas".[1]
Alas- photo shoot!

After wielding my grinder to amused guests the maitre d' brought out my birthday dessert on a lazy susan that lit up, sang Happy Birthday and spun around! That's my kind of presentation.

Oh and for dinner, I had an amazing boiled artichoke then sea bass in corn chowder. YUM! It was great to have even more Price time. We never have a quiet moment entre nous. Always something to talk about between these two southern souls!

After dinner we drove home and hit the pool. We were not even going to attempt the gay bars after last night’s disaster.

Thanks Price for a lovely evening!

Heatin' it up in Palm Springs

Yes, I have booked a vacation from my vacation. I knew LA would be a whirl wind of fun and sun and catching up so Price and I booked out three glorious days at her parents pad in Indian Wells, about 30 min outside of Palm Springs.
I visited only once before about five years ago when her parents had a groovy little glass condo that was oh so Bob Hope. But they have now built a lovely home overlooking the mountains and golf court.
We arrived Wednesday afternoon, after my VERY FIRST In and Out Burger. I don’t remember getting here because after I inhaled my double decker burger I immediately passed out into a food coma.

But what a lovely place to arrive to! Price has stocked it with great art and the Jacuzzi and pool were ready to be dipped in.
Since it was a stifling 113 degrees outside we hung out indoors for a bit and got some work done (yes people a freelancers work is never done!) before we hopped into a cab and headed into town for a cabaret show and dinner at Hotel Zoso.

What a treat! It was just an old school drag throw down. The MC's name was Bella da Ball. And entertainment included Patty Wagon, Jersey Shore (!), Melissa Stratman and Sheila Star who looked like a 1960's Jewish motha. They did it up in gowns, big wigs and hysterical Cher, Elvis (it was the anniversary of his death) and Annie Lenox routines. Melissa was my favorite because of her Glenda the Good Witch look and insane routine. The crowd was equally hysterical. Loads of older bear daddies, glitzy gays and even some kids!

Afterwards we were ready to tear up the gay bar scene but alas it was a pitiful situation! We hit up Hunters and it STANK. I mean the air was foul. Not sure what overflowed but the sad thing was, nobody noticed. The bartenders tried to get me into a wet underwear contest. I declined. Then we went to some other spot that was so bad we just looked at each other, rolled our eyes and hailed a cab. Why spend the evening at a place where rainbows go to die instead of Price's lovely house with champagne, naked in the pool?! We had a blast and wound down at 1am in the Jacuzzi.
Needless to say we slept like babies.