PBR is not a beer!

No dear Hipsters I am not referring to your beloved working mans beer- Pabst Blue Ribbon-
I am speaking of the coolest event to ever grace Madison Square Gardens- Professional Bull Riding.

A new friend Clovis, who is an avid fan of PBR organized a Facebook group to attend the event last Saturday. I eagerly accepted my invite after catching several shows over Christmas and being GLUED to the tube. The sassy country boys and cowboys, the crazy clown and the death defying act of actually riding a bull for 8 seconds is riveting.

We all met up a Rawhide and then walked up to The Garden and were excited to find our seats in the LAST row of the venue!
But no worries we had a blast and took over the back row with beers, boys and foot long hot dogs.

Rod Townsend and I took it upon ourselves to find the best fashion in the building and to get as close as possible to the show so we moseyed around the venue and found some amazing red neck attire and watched the clown perform, "All the Single Ladies" much to our amusement.

After two hours of watching some bucking bulls and boys we all piled out into Gym bar for more beer and Rod and I had to hit Mr. Black since we were feeling like a dance fest after watching that damn clown. We rocked out till the wee hours after flaunting our stories of the PBR to all the club kids.

I can't wait till next year!

Can I get a yeeeeeeehaw?