My Dreamy Delivery from DV

 I have been chained to my desk all day pounding out show reviews (it IS fun just overwhelming) when what do I see being delivered at my door but a very serious looking package. I pull it apart as Fergus looks on and what do I find but a note simply stating:
With Love,

Gasp! Diana Vreeland is back from the dead. She must have been summoned at Thom Browne's funereal show this week. The box is from Connor New York so I know those sneaky devils are up to this (as are you Paul Lerner!) and am thrilled to see I finally have the stationery to complete my red room, or "The D.V. Devotional Den" as it has been called.

Connor is always incredible and this set of note cards doesn't disappoint from the weight of the paper to the depth of the engraving and of course the perfect Imperial Chinese lacquer red.

Thank you boys for this delicious gift, much needed today, but don't look for a thank you note, I'm saving these suckers.