Big Daddy's dreamtastic ranch!

I need to stop, breath, close my eyes and have someone pinch me.
I have found a little slice of gay heaven right here in the middle of Texas.

Price has been telling me about her eccentric gay uncle, Big Daddy for years.
He has a ranch, which is part of one of Texas' most well known ranches, the YO (not Yo as in MTV Rap, but as in the letters).

On it he has created his dream world filled with exotic Indian deer (of which he has shipped some over to fill the grounds of  Indian palaces since they don't have enough), zebra, giraffes and local long horns, turkeys and armadillo.

His home is a Tony Duquette gone cowboy fantasy. Hundreds of mounted heads all of which he has shot on his own ranch or on safari in Africa not to mention phallic symbols everywhere! In the living room there is a Dali painting, elephant skull and a giant 'Brighton gone dark crystal' bird cage with onion dome and amethyst bottom. Oh and did I mention there is a picture of him and Donna Summer in the laundry room and him and Little Edie in the bathroom? He spent a weekend with her in Florida and said it was life changing!

We arrived from San Antonio around 3 pm and Big Daddy had cocktails ready.

After bags were unpacked we gathered on the back porch, built a bon fire and watched the deer as Big Daddy pushed a remote controlled feeder and they all came out of the woodwork to feast as we gazed.

Dinner was an event. We took out Justin's jewelry and everyone put on a piece. Big Daddy put on a vintage kimono and we dined on venison shot on the property and then had a dance party around the bonfire. It was like being in Egypt all over again! I guess wearing a djelabba was part of the reason. But the booze, dry heat and big old fire brought back hysterical memories of nights in Siwa.

Today we are going on safari.

I always wondered if God could be an eccentric queen who made every moment in heaven a wild party. Now I know.
More soon.

Love and cowboys-