Fashion Week: Fay's Birthday/Welcome home Waris!

The last day of Fashion Week. Hoorah! Don't get me wrong, I adore this week but it is draining to the max.
I caught Charles Nolan in the tents and then Costello Taglia-something. Charles is always pretty and fun since he has his family in the audience and on the runway. Costello I didn’t get. How can two men who are so large make clothes that make a size 0 look fat? Last years collection was so Love Boat and drapey, flowey, yummy. This season was so tight I could see bones. But secretly, if you are a size 0- wear it! They are hot skinny gal clothes, bones and all! Hello Nicole Richie!

I then waved goodbye to the tents and headed down to 28th for drinks with Justin and Paul before Fay's birthday dinner.
The poor gal is sick as a dog after over a week of fetes. But she is a trooper and not missing out on a birthday night. Justin and Paul are just getting over illness as well so I came well equipped with loads of gummy Airborne's thanks to the Florence Nightingale of the CFDA, Lisa Smilor who has been taking them to prevent 'air kiss cough'.

We headed down to Houston between Mott and Mulberry where Fay had taken over a backroom of a delightful little Italian restaurant called Emilios Ballato. The veal was divine! We ate, drank, fawned over Fay and hit the welcome back party for my lovely friend Waris. Hosted by the newly famous and fabulous Elisabeta and Nicolae Petrescu and Trovata, the event was the best party of the entire week- sorry Beatrice! Read why here:

The penthouse was amazing and loads of fun people were there including Faran from, saucy lady Kate Schelter and a wilding out Kelly Cutrone who was thrilled to be done with fashion week. We danced up a storm and giggled about God knows. Waris was welcoming as always, freshly off the plane from India where he was filming Wes Anderson’s next adventure, which takes place on a train. You know uncle Cator loves a good train ride so I look forward to seeing this one. I also look forward to seeing the jewelry that I'm sure he crafted while in India. Waris, if I ever get married, you have to make my bands!

I made a dip into the tub sans gin and our crew found a small bedroom where we closed the doors and had our own dance party. Darling Fay nearly passed out from being so poorly all day so dutiful Deepak took her home and the rest of us headed to nether regions of New York.

The perfect ending to another Fabulous and Flagellant Fashion Week.